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As a student enrolled at our faculty, you will receive an excellent and multifaceted academic education. All our degree programmes deal with exciting scientific and technical topics and open up multifaceted and attractive job prospects. Our range of programmes includes Bachelor's, Master's and long-cycle teacher training programmes.

Why study computer science?

Computer science is the science, technology and application of machine-based processing and transmission of information. It combines theory, methods, analysis and construction, application and effects of the use of systems in information technology.

Computer science is concerned with hardware, software, organisation, structures, users and those affected by these systems. This makes computer science more than a mere science or technology: its logic and tools permeate almost all academic disciplines – including the humanities – as well as all aspects of the business world and technology.

Why study computer science?

Why study mathematics?

Mathematics is indispensable, playing a pivotal role in nearly all sciences and constituting a prerequisite for the development of almost every modern technology. Mathematicians have outstanding career prospects, as they are highly sought after wherever high-level analytical thinking skills are a requirement. Mathematicians find employment in almost every segment of the public and private sector.

As a teaching subject in a teacher training programme

The faculty also provides mathematics and computer science education for students completing one of the teacher training programmes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with mathematics or computing as a school subject. Either can be studied for all Bavarian primary and secondary school types in combination with other subjects.

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Matthias Brandl
Prof. Dr. Matthias Brandl
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Computer science as an elective

Computer Science is offered an an elective to students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and those enrolled in the Faculty of Law. For details, see the Computer Science as an elective page.