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New LINUX operating system in the FIM student computer labs

Since mid-March we are migrating the FIM student computer labs to Debian-LINUX (previously: Gentoo). The login screen of a PC indicates whether a computer has already been updated to the new operating system or is still running in its old environment. In the run-up, we took great care to make the same software packages available as before.  If software for the upcoming courses is missing, please let us know by e-mail to "support@fim.uni-passau.de".

First, the computers in room K08b next to the main entrance door were converted to the new operating sytem. Here you can test the current status of the installation and give us feedback if something needs to be improved. Already converted computers are e.g.:


For the transition we will operate some of the computers in the large computer room K08b (left area seen from the main entrance) with the previous Gentoo environment for a few more weeks. So students will always be able to find a functional environment for their current internships or theses.

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For more information about FIM accounts and services please download our "Introduction to FIM Computing Facilities".