Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics
IT services

IT services

Information about FIM PC labs and computing services.

For FIM students and faculty members new in Passau we provide a short overview how to start using the IT services of the FIM and the ZIM.

For more information about FIM accounts and services please download our extended guide "Introduction to FIM Computing Facilities".


FIM student computer labs: Use of monitors for your own laptops

As the use of your own laptops in parallel or in addition to the lab computers is becoming more and more popular, some lab monitors are now available on which you can operate your own laptop. These monitors are accordingly marked as laptop monitors. All other monitors, keyboards and mice belong to the equipment of the lab computers and may not be operated on own laptops!

FIM student computer labs LINUX-OS: Migration to Debian completed

 Since the beginning of the semester, the FIM student computer labs have been successively converted to Debian-LINUX (previously: Gentoo). This conversion has now been completed with the exception of some PCs in room K08b (left side seen from the main entrance). Until the end of the lecture period, we will continue to offer the previous Gentoo environment on these PCs, so that students will always find a functional environment for their current internships or dissertations. Please let us know in time if you still need individual computers with Gentoo after the end of July.

We paid a lot of attention in advance to make the same software packages available under Debian as before. If software for the upcoming courses is missing, please let us know by e-mail to "support@fim.uni-passau.de".