Chair of Distributed Information Systems
Professor Harald Kosch


Professor Kosch and his staff are engaged in teaching and research related to Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems (DIMIS). We actively contribute to the ongoing MPEG-7, MPEG-21 and W3C standardisation efforts in the areas of metadata standardisation, efficient metadata encoding, adaptation of multimedia content, and development of the MPEG query language. Other research interests are related to creating a distributed platform for interactive television and its efficient operation in the home environment using mobile devices.


German-French DFH/UFA doctoral college MDPS

In cooperation with the research group of Prof. Lionel Brunie at the INSA Lyon, the German-French DFH-UFA doctoral college MDPS contributes effectively to research topics in multimedia systems, pervasive systems and applications and distributed Systems and databases. In september 2013, our DFH/UFA-PhD-Track IFIK-MDPS started. It defines a double degree curriculum with a subsequent double doctoral program between the INSA de Lyon and the University of Passau.


Our teaching puts the emphasis on applied computer science; subjects include information systems, multimedia data bases, distributed systems, data mining and data warehouses, and Web-based information systems.


Multimedia Systems

Intertainment, Digital Video Broadcast, MPEG-21, Content Adaptation, Interactive Video, W3C Media Annotation Group

Multimedia Databases

MPEG Query Format, Multimedia Database Management, Semantic Multimedia, Efficient XML Interchange, XML Stream Processing

Distributed Databases

Cluster Databases, Data Grids, Scientific Databases



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