Chair of Computer Networks and Computer Communications
Current vacancies

Current vacancies

The Chair of Computer Networks and Communications (Prof. Dr. Hermann de Meer), located at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Passau is an active team involved in multifaceted teaching, research, and project activities providing a platform of manifold national and international collaboration opportunities. The group is constantly aiming at strengthening its experienced team.

If there are active job opportunities by our chair, please follow the link and check by yourself:
Stellenangebote Universität Passau

Consider to apply for a scholarship and then get in contact with us following our guidelines for scholarship holders.

Still, we are also happy to receive your speculative application. For this, please provide us with the following information:

  1. A cover letter that briefly states your status and goals (approx. 1 page).
  2. A full and current Curriculum Vitae. (How to write a successful CV.)
  3. If you plan to pursue a PhD with us, provide a (nonbinding) thesis topic proposal that preferably relates your previous experience with the research topics of our group (2-10 pages).
  4. A full list of your scientific publications (journal articles, conference and  workshop papers, technical reports) and theses, preferably including DOIs or URLs to online versions.
  5. Significant certificates and transcripts.
  6. PDFs of your two strongest English (or German) publications or theses.
  7. At least two independent letters of reference of previous or current supervisors or employers. These can be sent later to avoid delay of documents 1 to 6.

Please e-mail these documents as PDF to Ursula Hoesl.
Documents 1 to 5 (and, if already available, 7) should be combined in a single PDF document. Publications, theses, and late letters of reference should be provided as single PDFs.

Student Assistants

We are continuously looking for capable students supporting our teaching, research, project, and administrative tasks, which include

  • administration of lab infrastructure,
  • assisting in experiments,
  • implementing algorithms,
  • maintaining tools, documentation, and databases,
  • etc.

Depending on the students' availability and interests, we are able to provide contracts covering 20, 30, 40, or 57 hours per month and related to any of the research areas covered by our group.

In case of interest, please get in contact with one of our researchers, e.g., after the lecture/tutorial/seminar or during the office hours, or just drop us an e-mail. You can find the office hours and e-mail addresses on our individual Web pages.

Scholarship Holders

Foreign scholarship holders that are interested in pursuing a research stay at our chair are kindly asked to read this information before sending us their application.