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Veröffentlichungen 2010

Veröffentlichungen 2010

  • Sebastian Käbisch, Daniel Peintner, Jörg Heuer and Harald Kosch
    XML-based Web Service Generation for Microcontroller-based Sensor Actor Networks
    8th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems - WFCS
    2010, France, Mai 2010,  pp. 181-184

  • Christian Vilsmaier, David Coquil, Florian Stegmaier, Mario Döller, Marian Scuturici, Lionel Brunie and Harald Kosch
    Query Result Aggregation in Distributed Multimedia Databases
    in: Intelligend  Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services, Tsihirintzis G.A. et al., eds. , pp. 299-308, Springer, Berlin, 2010

  • Harald Kosch and Paul Maier
    Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems - Reviewing and Benchmarking
    Journal of Digital Information Management 8(1), pp. 54-64, 2010
  • Günther Hölbling, Michael Pleschgatternig and Harald Kosch
    PersonalTV - A TV recommendation system using program metadata for content filtering
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 46(2-3), pp. 259-288, Januar 2010

  • David Coquil, Lionel Brunie and Harald Kosch
    Distributed Databases

    In "The Handbook of Technology Management", Vol. III, Hossein Bidgoli editor. John Wiley & Sons, pp. 242-256, Januar 2010

  • Mario Döller, Florian Stegmaier, Harald Kosch, Ruben Tous and Jaime Delgado
    Standardized Interoperable Image Retrieval
    ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), Track on Advances in Spatial and Image-based Information Systems (ASIIS) 2010, Sierre Switzerland, pp. 881-887, März 2010
  • Sebastian Käbisch, Daniel Peintner, Jörg Heuer and Harald Kosch
    Efficient and Flexible XML-based Data-Exchange in Microcontroller-based Sensor Actor Networks
    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops (WAINA 2010), Perth, Australia,  pp. 508-513, April 2010

  • Florian Stegmaier,  Mario Döller,  Harald Kosch,  Andreas Hutter and Thomas Riegel
    AIR: Architecture for Interoperable Retrieval on distributed and heterogeneous Multimedia Repositories
    11th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS 2010), Desenzano del Garda, Italy, April 2010

  • Tilmann Rabl, Christian Dellwo and  Harald Kosch
    Introducing Scalileo - A Java Based Scaling Framework
    First international Conference on Energy-efficient Computing and Networking (e-Energy 2010), Universität Passau, pp. 205-214, April  2010

  • V. El-Khoury, D. Coquil, N. Bennani.
    Utility Function for Semantic Video Content Adaptation
    8th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia (MoMM'2010), Paris, France, November 2010.

  • Z. Torbey, N. Bennani, D. Coquil and L. Brunie
    A Decentralized and Autonomous Replication model for Mobile Environments
    6e Journées Francophones Mobilité et Ubiquité, UbiMob 2010, June 2010.
  • B. Meixner, F. Pein, and H. Kosch
    Flexible Optimization of Text Recognition Algorithms
    Proceedings of SoCPaR2010, International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, 2010, Paris, France, pp. 156-161, 2010

  • F. Stegmaier, M. Döller and H. Kosch
    Survey of MPEG-7 Applications in the Multimedia Lifecycle
    In: The Handbook of MPEG Applications: Standards in Practice, Marios C. Angelides and Harry Agius, eds., John Wiley & Sons, pp. 317 - 342, 2010

  • Lyes Limam, David Coquil, Harald Kosch and Lionel Brunie
    Extracting user interests from search query logs: A clustering approach
    in: A. Min Tjoa, R. Wagner (eds): Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA, International Workshops,
     2010 , pp. 5-9, IEEE Computer Society Press

  • Harald Kosch
    Optimizing Similarity-based Image Joins in a Multimedia Database
    ACM Workshop on Very-Large-Scale Multimedia Corpus, Mining and Retrieval
    at the ACM Multimedia 2010,  Firenze, Italy, pp. 37-42, 2010

  • Britta Meixner, Beate Siegel, Günther Hölbling, Franz Lehner, and Harald Kosch
    SIVA Suite - Authoring System and Player for Interactive Non-linear Videos.
    Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2010, Firenze, Italy, pp. 1563-1566, 2010

  • Florian Stegmaier
    Interoperable and Unified Multimedia Retrieval in Distributed and Heterogeneous Environments.
    ACM Multimedia 2010 - Doctoral Symposium, Firenze, Italy, pp. 1705-1706, 2010

  • Mario Doeller, Harald Kosch, Sebastian Lehrack and Ingo Schmitt
    Quantum Logic based MPEG Query Format Algebra
    The 8th International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval August 17-18, 2010, Linz, Austria, to appear

  • Florian Stegmaier, Tobias Bürger, Mario Döller and Harald Kosch.
    Knowledge based Multimodal Result Fusion for Distributed and Heterogeneous Multimedia Environments: Concept and Ideas.
    The 8th International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval. August 17-18, 2010, Linz, Austria, to appear
  • Günther Hölbling
    Ein Ansatz zur hybriden TV-Empfehlungsgebung basierend auf Programm-Metadaten und Tags
    Tagungsband Workshop Audiovisuelle Medien WAM 2010, Chemnitz, M. Eibl, J. Kürsten, R. Knauf, M. Ritter eds., CSR-10-02, pp. 49-62, June 2010

  • Günther Hölbling, Andreas Thalhammer and Harald Kosch.
    Content-based tag generation to enable a tag-based collaborative TV-Recommendation System
    EuroITV 2010, 8th European Conference on Interactive TV and Video,Tampere, Finland, pp. 273-282, June 2010

  • Britta Meixner, Jan-Oliver Janda, Beate Siegel, Günther Hölbling, Harald Kosch, and Franz Lehner
    XML-Schema für interaktive Videos
    Tagungsband Workshop Audiovisuelle Medien WAM 2010, Chemnitz, Maximilian Eibl, Jens Kürsten, Robert Knauf, Marc Ritter eds., CSR-10-01, pp. 97-111, June 2010

  • Zeina Torbey, Nadia Bennani, Lionel Brunie and David Coquil
    CReaM: User-Centric Replication Model for Mobile Environments
    International Workshop on "Mobile P2P Data Management, Security and Trust (M-PDMST 2010)" in conjunction with the MDM 2010 conference,  pp. 348-353, Mai 2010

  • Florian Stegmaier, Mario Döller, David Coquil, Vanessa El-Khoury and Harald Kosch
    VAnalyzer: an MPEG-7 based Semantic Video Annotation Tool,
    Workshop on Interoperable Social Multimedia Applications (WISMA 2010), Barcelona, Spain, pp. 85-86, Mai 2010

  • Tobias Mayer, David Coquil, Mario Döller, Lyes Limam, Florian Stegmaier and Harald Kosch
    Live-Ticker Supported Sports Video Annotation
    Workshop on Interoperable Social Multimedia Applications (WISMA 2010), pp. 53-56, Barcelona, Spain, Mai 2010