Chair of Theoretical Computer Science


  • DFG: Projekt "radiales und zyklisches Zeichnen von Graphen" (2009-2011)
  • Gravisto contains an powerful data structure, which is easy to extend, to save graphs. Furthermore it is an object-oriented framework for the implementation of graph drawing editors and algorithms. Gravisto was implemented in Java from scratch.
  • Graphlet (no more available) is a toolkit for the implementation of editors and drawing algorithms for graphs. Graphlet is based on GTL (graphlet-5.0.1-lgpl).

  • GML (Graph Modelling Language): There are many different programs that work with graphs but almost all of them use their own file format. As a consequence, exchanging graphs between different programs is almost impossible. Simple tasks like exchange of data, externally reproducible results or a common benchmark suite are much harder than neccessary.
    Therefore, we have developed a new file format for the Graphlet system: GML. GML supports attaching arbitrary information to graphs, nodes and edges, and is therefore able to emulate almost every other format.
    In the following the documentation, the parser and a technical report with respect to GML:

  • GTL (Graph Template Library) is a STL based library, which provides necessary classes and algorithms for the work with graphs. Furthermore it contains modules for more complex graph algorithms (GTL-1.2.4-lgpl).
  • Biopath is a platform for a convenient electronic access to the biochemical knowledge. It provides information from different views and in distinct levels of detail. Biopath provides powerful search mechanisms for substances and reaction networks, it gives access to different types of information on enzymes, reactions and metabolism and automatically computes visual representations of complex reactions nets. Biopath is easy to use and can be updated and extended (detailed description).
  • GraphEd is an interactive, extendable editor for graphs and graph gramatics. GraphEd was replaced by Graphlet and is not supported anymore.
  • VisnaCom

    On the pages of VisnaCom (in german) an editor for compound graphs is presented. It was created in the scope of two diploma theses supported by Marcus Raitner at the chair of Prof. Dr. Franz Brandenburg. Both diploma theses are based on results of the dissertation "Efficient Visual Navigation of Hierarchically Structured Graphs" of Marcus Raitner.