Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics
Chairs, professorships and subject areas

Chairs, professorships and subject areas

Chairs and professorships Subject areas
Professor Niels Schwartz Algebraic Geometry
Professor Brigitte Forster-Heinlein Applied Mathematics
Professor Björn Schuller Complex Systems Engineering
Professor Ilia Polian Computer Engineering
Professor Hermann de Meer Computer Networks and Computer Communications
Ute Heuer Computing Didactics
Professor Tomas Sauer Digital Image Processing
Professor Siegfried Handschuh Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems
Professor Harald Kosch  Distributed Information Systems
Professor Fabian Wirth Dynamical Systems
Professor Matthias Kranz Embedded Systems
Professor Burkhard Freitag Information Management
Professor Joachim Posegga IT Security
Professor Tobias Kaiser Mathematics (teaching professorship)
Professor Matthias Brandl Mathematics Didactics
Professor Michael Granitzer Media Computer Science
Professor Christian Lengauer Programming
Professor Hans Reiser Security in Information Systems
Professor Oliver Amft Sensor Technology
Professor Sven Apel Software Engineering
Professor Dirk Beyer Software Systems
Professor Thomas Müller-Gronbach Stochastics and its Applications
Professor Martin Kreuzer Symbolic Computation
Professor Franz J. Brandenburg Theoretical Computer Science


  • Forwiss
    Institute of Software Systems in Technical Applications of Computer Science
  • IFIS
    Institute of Information Systems and Software Engineering
  • ISL
    Institute of IT Security and Security Law
  • LMI
    Mathematics and Informatics Education Unit