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author={S. Apel, C. Kästner, A. Größlinger, C. Lengauer},
title={{Type-Safe Feature-Oriented Product Lines}},
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A feature-oriented product line is a family of programs that share a common set of features. A feature implements a stakeholder's requirement, represents a design decision and configuration option and, when added to a program, involves the introduction of new structures, such as classes and methods, and the refinement of existing ones, such as extending methods. With feature-oriented decomposition, programs can be generated, solely on the basis of a user's selection of features, by the composition of the corresponding feature code. A key challenge of feature-oriented product line engineering is how to guarantee the correctness of an entire feature-oriented product lline, i. e., of all of the member programs generated from different combinations of features. As the number of valid feature combinations grows progressively with the number of features, it is not feasible to check all individual programs. The only feasible approach is to have a type system check the entire code base of the feature-oriented product line. We have developed such a type system on the basis of a formal model of a feature-oriented Java-like language. We demonstrate the the type system ensures that every valid program of a feature-oriented product line is well-typed and that the type system is complete.

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