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MIP 0805

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author="M. Jaksic, B. Freitag"
title="Temporal Patterns for Document Verification"
institution="Fakult{\"a}t f{\"u}r Informatik und Mathematik, Universit{\"a}t Passau",


Digital text, in particular hypertext, can be represented as a temporal structure based on the concept of narrative paths. Using computation tree logic (CTL) as a formal basis, consistency constraints about the document can then be expressed as temporal properties. These in turn can be verified against the document model by model checking. Unfortunately, the average user can not be assumed to be familiar with temporal logics. Therefore, as an approach to fill the gap between formality and usability, we present a novel user-friendly high-level approach to the specification of temporal properties supporting an incremental construction of commonly used consistency criteria for web documents.

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