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author="Neil Loughran, Iris Groher, Roberto Lopez-Herrejon, Sven Apel, Christa Schwanninger"
title="Workshop on Modularization, Composition, and Generative Techniques for Product Line Engineering"
institution="Fakult{\"a}t f{\"u}r Informatik und Mathematik, Universit{\"a}t Passau",


Product Line Engineering (PLE) is an increasingly important paradigm in software development whereby commonalities and variations among similar systems are systematically identified and exploited. PLE covers a large spectrum of activities, from domain analysis to product validation and testing. Variability is manifested throughout this spectrum in artifacts such a requirements, models, code and documentation and it is often of crosscutting nature. These characteristics promote different kinds of modularization and composition techniques (e.g., objects, components, aspects, features, subjects, frames, etc.) as suitable candidates to manage variability. Prior work on Generative Programming (GP) and Component Engineering (CE) has shown their successful applicability to PLE and the potential benefits of modularization and composition techniques.

The Workshop on Modularization, Composition, and Generative Techniques for Product Line Engineering (McGPLE) aims at expanding and capitalizing on the increasing interest of researchers from these communities. It builds on the success of the Aspect-oriented Product Line (AOPLE) workshop which has run consecutively at GPCE for the past two years. AOPLE established an initial community and formulated a first joint research agenda. The main goal of the workshop is to broaden this agenda and strengthen the established collaborations, to share and discussed ideas, identify research opportunities and foster collaboration to tackle the challenges these opportunities may bring about.

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