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author="S. Apel, C. Lengauer",
title="Superimposition: A Language-Independent Approach to Software Composition",
institution="Fakult{\a"}t f{\u"}r Informatik und Mathematik, Universit{\a"}t Passau,


Superimposition is a composition technique that has been applied successfully in several areas of software development. In order to unify several languages and tools that rely on superimposition, we present an underlying language-independent model that is based on feature structure trees (FSTs). Furthermore, we offer a tool, called FST-COMPOSER, that composes software components represented by FSTs. Currently, the tool supports the composition of components written in Java or Jak. Three non-trivial case studies demonstrate the practicality of our approach. Finally, we outline how FSTCOMPOSER has to be extended in order to compose components containing artifacts written in different languages.

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