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author="A. Berl, I. Dedinski, A. Houyou, H. de Meer"
title="SOLD: Self-Organizing Lookups in DHTs for better Performance over Unstable P2P Overlay Links"
institution="Fakult{\"a}t f{\"u}r Informatik und Mathematik, Universit{\"a}t Passau",


The quality of service (QoS) of a distributed hash table (DHT) lookup is gaining importance with the growing number of services adopting the P2P paradigm. Examples of applications that could largely benefit from an improved timeliness and reliability of message exchange in DHTs are Domain Name System (DNS), or even newer types of distributed location-based services in a mobile environment. The bursty effects of Internet traffic on latency, congestion, and loss can change the short term state of the overlay links in the DHT. The quick changes to overlay link/node states cannot be taken into account while structuring long term P2P routes. This paper proposes self-organizing mechanisms to improve the QoS for DHT lookups, without changing the structure of the DHT network. Different kinds of lookup replication techniques are implemented on top of the DHT to restrict the influence of the heterogeneous capabilities of the overlay routes while offering self-adaptive and robust high performance lookups.

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