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Information about the examinations for the Bachelor's and Master's programmes

Transfer of credits

Equivalence of courses

For a transfer of credits a lecturer of our faculty has to check and attest to the equivalence of the course to a course offered here in Passau. Example: If you have taken a course in a Master's programme taught elsewhere (e.g. image analysis) and have passed the examination, you may apply that your course is equivalent for a course here in Passau (e.g. Bildverarbeitung) and for a transfer of credits. Contact the leturer of the course (e.g. Prof. Sauer for image analysis) and bring the description of your course with you.


Use the forms provided on the Examinations Office page:

Fill in the courses for which you want to apply for a transfer of credits on the left and the equivalent courses here in Passau on the right. The signature of the lecturer here in Passau should be given on the far right of the page.

Submitting of the application

Once you have filled in the form, send it to the chair of the Board of Examiners. There is a special mailbox near the janitor's office of the IM building.

Further information

For further information see the German version of this page.


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