Chair of Sensor Technology

PNP reports about ACTLab demos at the Uni Live event

July 8, 2017: The University of Passau has invited all interested members of the general public to visit the campus on the open day “Uni Live” on July 7. In the report of the local newspaper Passauer Neue Presse (PNP) the work of our department was highlighted positively.

Copyright: PNP

PNP stressed out the innovative work of ACTLab at the University of Passau. The newspaper article focused on the demo of our WISEglass project by Florian Wahl and Rui Zhang during which it was presented how future glasses could, for example, measure the heart rate, the user's time in front of a TV, or the amount of energy consumed while chewing an apple.

Read the whole article (in German only) on PNP online.

| 08.07.2017