Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics
Postdoctoral qualifications

Postdoctoral qualifications

Habilitation at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

If you have completed your doctorate and wish to teach students in a professorial capacity in Germany and other higher education systems influenced by Germany, habilitation might be your next aim. This postdoctoral qualification serves as proof that you possess the academic expertise and pedagogical skills to teach students in your academic discipline.

The aim of the habilitation procedure is to give qualified academics at an early stage of their career the chance to autonomously teach and conduct research. As a habilitation candidate (called 'Habilitand' in German), you will work under the tutelage of three experienced university professors (this team is called 'Fachmentorat' in German) and write a habilitation thesis. A habilitation project in Passau can be completed in any academic discipline represented by a Chair or professorship at the University.

After the candidate has successfully demonstrated their ability to teach in the habilitation procedure, the University will, upon request, bestow the right to teach. Once the candidate has obtained venia legendi, he or she may use the title 'Privatdozentin' (for females) or 'Privatdozent' (for males).

Habilitation regulations

Please consult the Habilitationsordnung (in German) of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics for admission requirements and how to apply. For formal questions regarding the regulations (e.g. admission procedure) please contact the Dean's office.

Questions concerning the content

Please discuss any questions concerning the content of your habilitation project directly with your Fachmentorat or the intended professors for the Fachmentorat.