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  • "Multigrid for the SPIRAL prototype in Scala" (Sebastian Schweikl, September 2017)
    Recently, a multigrid solver for a discretized square two-dimensional Poisson equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions was specified for an automatic code generation by the program synthesis system SPIRAL. The thesis ports this work to the partial reimplementation SpiralS of SPIRAL in Scala and provides the domain-specific language structures for its code generation. Performance optimizations are achieved by a gradual refinement of the algorithm’s structure.
  • "An Intel®Xeon Phi™Backend for the ExaStencils Code Generator" (Thomas Lang, April 2016) 
    The thesis reports on an extension of the ExaStencils code generator for the Intel Xeon Phi co-processor, including an evaluation of the suitability of various programming models for stencil computations.
  • "Efficient Preoptimization Sequences for Polly" (Christoph Woller, August 2014)
    The thesis identifies an improved pre-optimization sequence for the modeling of polyhedral loops nests in LLVM plug-in Polly. The techniques used are heuristics and genetic algorithms.
  • "Analysis and Extension of Existing Tiling Algorithms for Stencil Computations"(Michael Freitag, July 2014)
    Tiling strategies for the systems Pochoir, PLuTo and SDSL have been implemented in a common framework and compared. Dynamic scheduling yields an improvement in performance.