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Rescue Helicopter Operations on Sports Centre's Basketball Court

From the 24th of November 2017 until the end of the year the Sports Centre’s outside grounds will be used as a landing place for rescue helicopters.

Rotating flashing beacons and an alarm sound will warn any people present in case of a landing. Please leave the site immediately as soon as you hear or see any of the alarms and comply with the personnel’s instructions. You are free to use the site again after the operation has ended.

In addition to that, the exterior blinds of the IT-Centre/International House (ITZ) will be automatically opened when a helicopter lands in order to prevent any damage to the blinds. They can be closed again after the operation.

Ambulance vehicles will enter and leave the site via the Rektor-Karl-Heinz-Pollok-Straße and the gate of the sports ground to transport patients to the hospital.