Chair of Data Science


Master and Bachelor Thesis

We provide topics for thesis in

  • Bachelor Internet Computing and Bachelor Computer Science
  • Master Computer Science
  • Master Mobile and Embedded Systems
  • Master Media and Communication

We have a list of topics online, which gives you an idea on the kind of thesis conducted.

There are no more available topics / slots for bachelor and master thesis any more.  Ask again for a topic next semester.

Applying for a Subject:

We will have appointments per semester where we present topics. For SS 19 we will announce dates for appointments as soon as there are sufficient spots free. Attending the presentation of thesis topic is mandatory before receiving a topic.

If you want to participate in this toic presentations, write an e-mail to Annemarie Gertler-Weber <> registering for the meeting. In the e-mail, list the courses taken at the chair in your e-mail and inlcude a  transcript from HISQIS showing that you have gained the necessary ECTS credits for starting a master thesis.

Some topics will be already provided via our website. We expect that you come already prepared, i.e. that you have informed yourself about the suggested topics and that you read our guide. The topic assignment will be done after the appointment by contacting the individual person. Please note that we distribute topics on a first come first serve basis, i.e. topics can be offered to multiple candidates and assigned to the first candidate who accepts it.

The Thesis' Process at our Chair

Pursuing a thesis at our Chair is organised in two following phases:

  1. Preparation Phase (0-4 Months): After you have decided to work on a topic, you will be given 1-4 month time to prepare your work in detail. That means you have to specify the research questions to be answered in detail, analyse literature and plan all steps necessary to answer your research questions. The result is either a written expose for bachelor students or a presentation given in the "Oberseminar Medieninformatik" for master students. Only after a successful presentation  and an accepted expose we will allow to register the thesis with the student secretary.
  2. Implementation Phase (3-6 Months): After registering your thesis you have up to 6 months to complete it and hand it in to the Student's Secretary. You can of course complete it earlier. You have to agree with your advisor on a schedule for meetings and other working modalities. We also expect you to be proactive, i.e. if there are problems it is your responsibility to engage with the supervisor.

Individual Steps in Detail


WhenContact PointWhatDelivery

First contact



Mail with  3 Topics and HISQIS Transcript of Records  to Annamarie Gertler Weber. You will be given an appointment. Possible subjects will be discussed.



e-mail to secretary at chair
1-2 weeks later




e-Mail to the supervisor about the subject chosen. If the subject is still available, the supervisor will acknowledge your choice. Only a written agreement entitles you for the subject


e-mail to supverisor and secretary at chair


0-4 Months later after first contactSupervisor


Written expose about the plan of the thesis plus a presentation in the "Oberseminar Data Science". Expose and the presentation must contain:

  • Research Questions
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Project plan for realising the thesis (including plans for used data sets and possible experiments)

Failing to deliver the expose within 4 month will have the consequence that your topic is revoked.

The Expose must be delivered before the presentation.

A Bitbucket (or similar) project for the master thesis needs to be created. Excpetions are possible with the consent of the supervisor.


Presentation / Expose (delivered via e-mail to supervisor)
Registering of the thesis StudentThe student is responsible for registering the thesis. Registering the thesis will be only supported when a succesfull presentation and expose have been delivered by the Student.Registration Form
During the next 3-6 monthsStudentIt is in the responsibility of the student, to ask for appointments. For every appointment, the student has to send a report on the current status and a set of questions to be discussed 2 days BEFORE the meetingMail, Report + Questions
After finishing the thesisStudent

Submission of the thesis. We do not correct master thesis before submission. The structure can (and should) be discussed with the supervisor. 

A final snapshot of the source code has to be made available via (with exceptions if source code is not made available as open source. Needs to be agreed on before starting the thesis)

Thesis, Source Code
After finishing the thesisStudentFinal Presentation at the Oberseminar Data SciencePresentation


Requirements for the Written Thesis:

  • Thesis can be written in English or German.
  • The structure should follow scientific rules. See our guide therefore.
  • A master thesis should range between 50 and 80 pages (excluding appendix, toc, and lists of figures/tables, references) depending on the complexity of the subject.
  • A bachelor thesis should range between 30 and 40 pages (excluding appendix, toc, and lists of figures/tables, references) depending on the complexity of the subject.
  • MA thesis must include a 5-6 page executive summary, that is structured like a research paper. The summary will be published at the homepage of the chair or at in case there are no sensitive materials contained in the thesis. Selected master thesis will be made completely available via the OPUS 4 server of the university.
  • All source code and data sets developed must be made Open Source (exceptions are source code with sensitive material or IPR violations), preferable via
  • Students will create a private repository on for managing source code, experiments and the written thesis. The supervisor of the thesis has to be added as a collaborator to the project in order to ease communication.

    There is also a (still uncomplete) guide on how to conduct thesis at our chair. The guide should give you an idea what it is expected from your side and how to decompose the goal of getting your grade into smaller sub-units.