Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics


FIM technical support team

Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Schießl, Klaus +49(0)851/509-3012 Klaus.Schiessl@uni-passau.de IM 017
Technische Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Herzel, Sven Sven.Herzel@Uni-Passau.De
Rautmann, Franz +49(0)851/509-3013 Franz.Rautmann@uni-passau.de IM 014
Vogl, Max +49(0)851/509-3145 Max.Vogl@Uni-Passau.De IM 013
Woller, Guido +49(0)851/509-3016 Guido.Woller@uni-passau.de IM 015


Email: supportatfim.uni-passau.de

The basic FIM IT support concerning FIM accounts and services is managed by Franz Rautmann in room 014 IM.

For english speaking students we provide On-site IT-assistance in the FIM computer labs every Tuesday and Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm during the lecture period.


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