Chair of Distributed Information Systems


The Chair of Distributed Information Systems develops intelligent systems for distributed data processing, collection and classification of data for multimedia and data-intensive applications.

International Research and Innovation Centre in Intelligent Digital Systems (IRIXYS)

Within the framework of our virtual research institute IRIXYS (  we are involved in substantial joint research with the research groups led by Professor Brunie (INSA Lyon) and Professor Damiani (Milan) in the following areas: multimedia systems (semantic video adaptation, geo-based automatic image annotation), pervasive/mobile systems and applications (replication in mobile ad-hoc networks), distributed systems/databases (tuning of distributed multimedia databases) and IT security (secure video dissemination in opportunistic networks).

The IT Centre building

Project details

Please consult the relevant details pages for more information about our research projects.

Name Laufzeit Projektleiter/-in an der Universität Passau
CODE 01.05.12 - 30.04.14 Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Verteilte Informationssysteme)
EEXCESS 01.02.13 - 31.07.16 Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (Lehrstuhl für Data Science)
MICO: Analysing multimedia content on the Web 01.11.13 - 31.10.16 Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Verteilte Informationssysteme)
mirKUL: how hypervideos can improve workflows 01.09.13 - 31.08.16 Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (Lehrstuhl für Data Science)
Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch (Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Verteilte Informationssysteme)

Basic and applied research

(Linked) Open Data Movement

One of the Chair's working groups concerns itself with questions of the (Linked) Open Data Movement.  Balloon is a central topic in this. This is used to develop technologies to allow 'Linked Data as a Service'. The project is currently listed as an Open Source project on Github.

The Chair is involved in improving the multimedia knowledge presentation in Linked Open Data via an external researcher from Salzburg Research. Moreover, we are producing components for two Apache projects – Marmotta and Stanbol.

Contextual information systems

Another focal area for the Chair is the continuing development of information systems that respond better to human abilities and affinities within their current (mobile) context.

Moreover, we are working on a JavaScript framework titled RFDjs, which enables users to visualise RDF metadata in new ways, e.g. using Ontology Templating & Semantic Zoom. The framework is intended to allow client-side data processing, modification and querying.

The Chair is currently involved in developing a research map, depicting past and ongoing research and teaching projects across cities and their research institutions. The pertinent information, such as the research topic, involved cities and research institutions, duration, contact persons for enquiries and funding organisations, is then depicted in a graphically aggregated form.