Chair of Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems
Prof. Dr. Markus Endres

Research Fields


Our research focuses on language and knowledge technologies. A particular focal point is statistical natural language processing. We also focus on Big Data analytics based on scalable parallel and distributed algorithms.

The output of our research can benefit several disciplines, such as Data Engineering, Information Retrieval, Digital Libraries, Digital Humanities, Computational Linguistic, and Cognitive Science.


ITZ Gebäude - Lehrstuhlsitz

At the moment we offer the following lectures for students of the University of Passau

  • Text Mining
  • Information Retrieval
  • Web Science
  • If you want to browse the current lectures and courses taught by the chair you can do so in our Teaching Section.

Thesis Topic Information

Bachelor or Master Thesis topics may be requested through our secretariat. 

General Information

For the SS19 Prof. Dr. Markus Endres is filling in as chair holder.

Consultation Hour:

Mondays, 4pm - 5pm in 20 minutes slots per Student.

Please make an appointment with our secretariat ( beforehand.

If you have questions concerning our Teaching or Research offers feel free to contact our chairs secretariat about it too. Any requests for thesis topics should go through this channel as well. 


Secretary at the Chair of Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems

Stephanie Pauli

Raum ITZ/IH 110

Phone: +49 851 509-3391

Office hours:

Mo - Fr 9:00 - 12:00