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Information for Scholarship Applicants

Information for Scholarship Applicants

Thank you for your interest to pursue the next steps of your academic career at our research group.

Required Documents

For being able to reach any decision on your application, we require the following documents from you.

  1. A cover letter that briefly states your status, goals, and tangible information on how you plan to finance your stay (approx. 1 page).
    (See, e.g., DAAD scholarships.)
    When you are going to apply for a specific scholarship, please early inform us of the corresponding deadline. Also note that we need all required material at least one months before this deadline. This allows us to process your application carefully and in time despite other obligations.

  2. A full and current Curriculum Vitae. (How to write a successful CV)

  3. A (nonbinding) PhD thesis topic proposal that preferably relates your previous experience with one ore several research topics of our group (2 - 10 pages).

  4. A full list of your scientific publications (journal articles, conference and workshop papers, technical reports) and theses, preferably including DOIs or URLs to online versions.

  5. Significant certificates and transcripts. If applicable, the documents should at least enable us to assess your performance in Bachelor and Master courses (including marks and information on your University's marking system).

  6. PDFs of your two strongest English (or German) publications or theses.

  7. At least two independent letters of reference of supervisors or previous employers. These can be sent later to avoid delay of documents 1 to 6.

Please e-mail these documents as PDF to Prof. De Meer and in copy to  Ursula Hösl. Documents 1 to 5 (and, if already available, 7) should be combined in a single PDF document. Publications, theses, and late letters of reference should be provided as single PDFs.

Coming to Passau

How do I apply for a visa or residence permit? How do I go about finding accommodation in Passau? The International Office has the answers to these and many other questions, and offers practical help with formalities and what you need to know about living and studying in Passau.