Chair of Intelligent Systems
Bachelors and Masters Theses

Bachelors and Masters Theses

For SS 19 we won't accept any more Master thesis students!

If you are interested in writing a thesis at our chair starting in WS 19/20 please come to our info event on Monday, 22nd of July at 14:00 in room IM SR 034.

General Information

We provide topics for thesis in

  • Bachelor Internet Computing and Bachelor Computer Science
  • Master Computer Science

We have a list of open topics but you are welcome to bring your own topic/research idea in the area of intelligent systems, preferably dealing with textual data.

Writing a thesis at our Chair

Our process is very similar to that of the Chair of Data Science. Please also have a look at their pages. Pursuing a thesis at our Chair is organized in two phases:

  1. Preparation Phase (1-2 Months): After you have decided to work on a topic, you will be given 1-2 month time to prepare your work in detail. That means you have to specify the research questions to be answered in detail, analyse literature and plan all steps necessary to answer your research questions. The result of this phase is a written expose and a presentation given in the "Oberseminar Intelligent Systems". Only after a successful presentation and an accepted expose we will allow to register the thesis with the student secretary.
  2. Implementation Phase (3/6 Months): After registering your thesis you have up to 3 months for Bachelor's and 6 months for a Master's thesis to complete it and hand it in to the Student's Secretary. You can of course complete it earlier. You have to agree with your advisor on a schedule for meetings and other working modalities. We also expect you to be proactive, i.e. if there are problems it is your responsibility to engage with the supervisor.

Expressing interest for a topic

  1. After you have been to our info event, send an email to Andrea Tonk to request an initial meeting with a thesis supervisor. In the e-mail, list the courses taken that are relevant for the thesis (typically data science, text mining, natural language processing, information retrieval, intelligent systems, ...) and include a  transcript of records showing that you have gained the necessary ECTS credits for starting a thesis.
  2. Meet with your supervisor and discuss potential topics. We expect that you come already prepared, i.e. that you have informed yourself about the suggested topics and that you read this guide from the Data Science Chair.